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The Big Launch!!

After much planning, decorating, sourcing, packaging, pricing, and more, finally it is the time to launch!

It has been almost 2 years since I dreamed about this day and I am so glad the day has come when I will live my passion. I have been sketching and painting as a hobby since childhood, however, hobbies get lost while raising a family and making a career. I was of a belief that hobbies were good in childhood but life was all about achieving career goal; until one day when I was unable to do anything and would get tired every few hours, I was then told by the doctors to take it easy and pursue my passion.

It made me think if I was really living life to its fullest? So I decide to pursue my favourite hobby - sketching and water colour painting; sketching eventually leading me to doodling starting with Mandala drawings, directing me to Zentangle - a meditative form of art involving different shapes and forms. Zentangle gives an experience of mindfulness to the designer and to the visual eye. 

This way I am able to focus on something else other than just work. My innovative nature still wants me to do something different as creativity is endless. So I decide to get some of my designs printed on gift items like mug, t-shirts, trinket trays, ties, etc. and gift them for Christmas to friends and family.

Looking back, I am now living that dream of creating self-designed custom products.

I am sure you would like them too!!

Have a fun-filled, healthy and happy holidays!