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About Us

As far as I remember, since childhood, I took to creative arts like a fish takes to water. It was my way of expressing myself creatively amid mundane life events, whether it was to do with  participating in an arts competition at school or showcasing my ideas at a local exhibition with artistic freedom in all its glory.

I always had a thought around which I would weave my creation be it a painting depicting an event, or a simple crochet for household items, or easy to follow doodle demonstrating various forms of designs from abstract to portraits.

Naturally, this inspired me to take up doodling, slowly expanding to more structured patterns called Zentangles - a meditative doodling experience. This led to setting up my first ever dream project called Akruti Artz.

Akruti Artz is all about showcasing celebration of art in various forms such as Living Art - hand drawn designs printed on pillows, coasters, mugs, and other home decor items; Wearable Art - hand drawn designs printed on clothes, tote bags, socks and more; Utility Art - hand drawn designs printed on phone cases, laptop/ tablet sleeves, and more.